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Hi there, and thanks for popping by to have a look at my website. I have been busy creating all sorts of wonderful Polymer Clay gifts for you, your friends or your family. Each piece that I have made is unique and has been lovingly designed and created by myself.

I have over 36 years of experience in working with this colourful modelling material and even though that may seem a lot, it's just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much to learn and I am constantly pushing myself to make new and exciting jewellery and gifts that I can share with you, and bring pleasure and joy to their new owners.

I feel that in this corporate, buy quick, buy cheap society, we seem to have missed out on our individuality, our sense of uniqueness and that is I create these one-of-a-kind gifts.

As you can see, I love colour, it cheers me up on a cold drab day, it brings me cheer and comfort when my life is hard, especially with the Covid 19 epidemic this last year. Being creative gives me a sense of purpose, a way to be calm, and to help me to feel grounded. 

Live Life To The Fullest...
We all need a bit of positivity in our lives and this brings you a colourful, highly decorative reminder to live our life with purpose.
Purple Spots and Stripes Ear Rings
These ear rings are hand made using Polymer Clay and are created using a specialist technique called Millefiore.
Doug The Dog
This is such a cute little gift for all you Dog lovers!!
Steam Punk Llama Pin
I love this quirky industrial look with all it's metallic embellishments, and also who doesn't love a Llama!!!
Fairy House Pot
This cute little Fairy House Pot has been lovingly made by myself out of Polymer Clay.
Through the Gate
This richly coloured Polymer Clay picture has been lovingly created to remind me of my rural Yorkshire roots.
Quirky 'Knitted' Pendant
It's amazing that you can almost 'knit' with Polymer Clay!! This technique is quite complex, but the finished result is gorgeous!
Purple Crochet Hook 4.5mm
This handmade crochet hook handle is in all shades of pinks and purples.
Small Tangerine Floral Journal
This gorgeous handmade Polymer Clay tile has been used to decorate this spiral bound journal
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Shopping at a Real Shop - In Sheffield

You are now able to buy from Gill's Clay Creations at this wonderful Gallery shop selling the most unique, hand-crafted, beautiful art and craft wares. Stocking individually made items made by local artists/designer/makers. It is based in the centre of Sheffield..


All Good Stuff at Butcher Works

72 Arundel Street
S12NS Sheffield



Gill's Clay Creations Online Shop...

Shopping at a Real Shop - In Rotherham.

I am now selling my gorgeous creative jewellery, cards and other goodies at this wonderful gift shop called The Makers Emporium in the centre of Rotherham, South Yorkshire. 


26 High Street,


S60 1GD



Jewellery SALE now on...

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