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Live Today
  • Live Today

    £85.00 Regular Price
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    We only have one chance to make a difference in this life that we have and we have to be reminded that we have to live each day as though it is our last and try and make it count. We have to dream big and live for today!


    This richly coloured picture is made entirely of Polymer Clay and is mounted onto black card, and framed in a wooden boxed frame with a glass cover. 

    The colours are navy, deep turquoise green, dark purple, pale blue and white. 

    Each mark, spot, tube and petal have been completely by hand and has a wide variety of marks, scratches and dots made with all my clay tools.


    The text has been imprinted into the clay using ink and letter stamps.



    Clay Design...15 x 15cms

    Frame Size... 20 x 20 x 4cms

    Hook on the back to hang on the wall or it can stand, if leant against a wall on a table.


    This is a ONE OF A KIND piece of art, no other picture is like it!!

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