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Love Always
  • Love Always

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    There are values that will bring peace to your life... Be Kind -  you never know what someone else is going through, that kind word may be just the thing they need to hear. Work Hard - but not too much, balance is key!  Smile Often - It brings the sunshine out in your soul.  Stay Humble - Treat each other in a waythat we would like to be treated. Love Always - Without love we are nothing...


    This richly coloured picture is made entirely of Polymer Clay and is mounted onto black card, and framed in a wooden boxed frame with a glass cover. 

    The colours are magenta, sunshine yellow, orange, and red

    Each mark, spot, tube and petal have been completely by hand and has a wide variety of marks, scratches and dots made with all my clay tools.


    The text has been imprinted into the clay using ink and letter stamps.



    Clay Design...15 x 15cms

    Frame Size... 20 x 20 x 4cms

    Hook on the back to hang on the wall or it can stand, if leant against a wall on a table.


    This is a ONE OF A KIND piece of art, no other picture is like it!!

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