Natasha Necklace and Ear Rings
  • Natasha Necklace and Ear Rings


    This necklace and ear ring set has been lovingly created out of Polymer Clay and is approximately 44cms in length. Each focal bead is 3.5 cm and the beads for the ear rings are slightly shorter at 2cms. In between each bead is a piece of silver plated chain. The technique involved in creating this amazing pattern is created by literally turning the clay inside out!! if you look at each side of the bead, you will notice that it is a mirror image of itself... how amazing is that? It's like magic...

    It has a silver plated toggle and loop clasp which makes it really easy to fasten. The main colouris white with black at each end of the bead, but it also has swirls of blue, turquoise, green and purple. The ear wires are sterling silver and also come with a plastic safety back.