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Welcome to Gill's Clay Creations

Cherish Yesterday Fimo Picture
Gill from Gill's Clay Creations busy demonstrating
Beautiful Destinations Fimo Picture

“Welcome to Gill’s Clay Creations!”


Discover Unique Polymer Clay Gifts

At Gill’s Clay Creations, we’re all about crafting magic from colourful polymer clay. Each piece is a labour of love, meticulously designed and handcrafted by yours truly.

Why We Stand Out…

With over 40 years of experience, I’ve only scratched the surface of this vibrant world. There’s always something new to explore, and I’m constantly pushing my creative boundaries. From dazzling jewellery to delightful gifts, I’m here to share joy with you and your loved ones.

Embracing Uniqueness

In a world of mass-produced goods, we celebrate individuality. Our one-of-a-kind creations reflect your personality, adding a splash of colour to your life.

The Power of Colour

Colour isn’t just pigment; it’s emotion. On dreary days, it lifts my spirits. When life gets tough, it wraps me in comfort. And being creative? It’s my anchor—a way to find calm and purpose.

So, dive into our world of clay wonders. Let’s celebrate uniqueness together!

Unlock Your Creativity with Gill’s Clay Creations!

At Gill’s Clay Creations, we’re not just about stunning gifts; we’re also passionate artist educators. What does that mean? It means we’ll guide you through the magical world of this versatile modelling material.

 School Workshops

From pre-schoolers to teenagers, we bring creativity to the classroom. Whether it’s a half-day taster session or an immersive workshop, we inspire young minds to shape clay into wonders. 

Children’s Birthday Parties

Ages 7 and up, let’s turn birthdays into art parties!  Clay, laughter, and memories—what more could a birthday wish for?

Talks and Demonstrations

We love sharing our craft with groups like the Women’s Institute. Engaging talks, live demos—let’s spark curiosity together! 

Jewellery Making Workshops

Unleash your inner designer! Create wearable art that reflects your style. From pendants to earrings, let’s mould beauty. 

Craft Fairs

Catch us at local fairs! Our unique clay creations stand out in a sea of ordinary. Come say hello! 

Whether you’re a budding artist or simply curious, Gill’s Clay Creations welcomes you. Let’s sculpt joy!!

Gaudi Inspired Fimo Mosaic Art
Fun, Friends and Fimo Birthday Party.jpg
Talk and Demonstration by Gill's Clay Creations

Shopping at a Real Shop - In Barnsley.

I am now selling my gorgeous creative jewellery, animals and other goodies at this wonderful gift shop called Heart of Handmade in the centre of Barnsley.



Shopping at a Real Shop - In Sheffield

All Good Stuff at Butcher Works, Sheffield. Gill's Clay Creations
All Good Stuff, Sheffield

You are now able to buy from Gill's Clay Creations at this wonderful Gallery shop selling the most unique, hand-crafted, beautiful art and craft wares. Stocking individually made items made by local artists/designer/makers. It is based in the centre of Sheffield..


All Good Stuff at Butcher Works

72 Arundel Street
S12NS Sheffield



Shopping at a Real Shop - In Penistone

You are now able to buy from Gill's Clay Creations at this wonderful Café, Deli, and Gift Shop in Penistone. I will be selling the most unique, hand-crafted, beautiful art and craft wares and jewellery.

Unit C, 1 St Mary's St, Penistone, Sheffield

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