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Foxes Piece Primary School - Marlow



As Young Arts rep for our NADFAS group, I funded a project at a local Primary school to create a lasting momento of the 60th birthday of the school. From first contact Gill Cosford was enthusiastic and inspiring and was able to give realistic estimates of costs. The school was very involved at the design stage and Gill meticulously planned the artwork. When she arrived at school for the execution of the project it immediately became apparent that she was used to working with children of all abilities and her easy and calm manner soon had them all totally engrossed and working confidently. She is extremely well organised and very talented and it was exciting to see the work taking shape. It was taken back to Sheffield where it was baked and framed and then returned to school in time for the Birthday celebrations. Everyone was delighted to have such a unique and individual souvenir of the occasion mounted on the wall. The children love looking at it and pointing out their contributions. Everyone found Gill a delight to work with and the results are wonderful and finished on budget!. I highly recommend her.


Liz Widgery

Foxs Piece Primary School Fimo Art Class
St Gabriels Primary School art in Leigh
St Gabriel's Catholic Primary School - Leigh


Thanks Gill!  The work you produced with very small children was just fantastic!  You built up special relationships with all the children you worked with, and each child was fascinated and enthralled with the end results.  FANTASTIC! SUPER! INSPIRING! Thank you for all your hard work too - nothing was too much trouble, and your enthusiasm was infectious”  

Angela Murray (Reception Teacher)



Woodfold Primary School,Wigan.


Jessica Alcock age 10  “It was the best art lesson ever!"


Todd age 11  “ I personally enjoyed mixing the blue and white clay to make a colour for the sea and then cutting out the waves”


Sophie age 11 “ I really enjoyed working with you immensely and I think it was very fun”

Wood fold Primar School in Wigan art clss
St Joseph the Worker Primary School in Salford art class

St Joseph the Worker Catholic Primary School, Salford.


Jenny Shaw (Year 4 teacher)  “ Thanks Gill for a wonderful workshop. The children have all enjoyed this experience and we will definitely order some Fimo clay for the school!  You have worked so hard.  We can’t wait to see the finished product!”

Hilton Lane Primary School, Salford.


Neil Hoskins age 11 “ I really enjoyed it, it was brill!  I really enjoyed making my swimming picture.  I hope you can come again!”


Jenna age 11 “It was really good.  I thought it would be a lot harder.  I would like to do it again.  Thank you so much.”


Year 6 Teacher  “ Absolutely amazing, so easy, clean, and everyone succeeds, even the teacher!  A great day’s activity.”


Art work at Hilton Lane Primary School in Salford

Wisewood Primary School - Sheffield

What was the most successful aspect of the artist's input?


There were many successful aspects;

Enthusiasm, knowledge, organisation, communication, relationship with the class—every child got an equal share of the experience and their artistic imput was valued.


Gill was able to make each child feel their ideas and designs were of importance, in particular how the collaboration of ideas can make something truly wonderful! It was great to see the children glowing with pride when they returned with their finished piece. I’d so love to have Gill in again (and I’m working on it!). Even if a whole school project doesn’t materialise, because Gill is so versatile I’m sure I will find an opportunity in my next year group to invite her in!


Maggie Beard.



Wisewood Primary School in Sheffield. PolymerClay potion bottle class

Albert Burton - Jewellery Designer


Gill is a truly talented artist. Her designs are a mix of traditional and contemporary and she delights in sharing her skills and ideas. She actively encourages her students in a positive manner, and her workshops are very informal but worth attending. Gill will always go the extra mile to help students achieve their best.

Monochrome Jewellery
Wardsend Cemetey Open Day.

Wardsend Cemetry and Watercliffe Meadow Primary School - Sheffield


Ignite Imaginations were a real pleasure to work with. Engaging primary school children in a project to conserve a neglected Victorian graveyard obviously provides quite a challenge but the idea of focussing on some of the local heroes associated with Wardsend proved to be an inspired one.

Gill Cosford was absolutely brilliant to work with and the clay figures created by the children were testament to both her artistic skills and her teaching ability. The Ignite Imaginations stall was one of the highlights of the event and the start of what we hope will be a long relationship with Watercliffe Meadow primary school and Ignite Imaginations.


Howard Bayley

House Number Plaques Workshop - The Art House, Sheffield


This 2 hour Sip and Clay (bring your own wine!!) workshop was a 2 hour class at The Art House in Sheffield. 


"Really enjoyed the evening - haven't worked with Fimo for years but I was so happy with my efforts. Many thanks to Gill for all her patient support" Mary

"Great evening. Good tutor, patient and helpful. Fun. Would do again" MM

"We had sunch a lovely time at the Sip and Fimo. Gill is a genius with clay and super nice! Will definitely look at more classes at The Art House." :)

"Really enjoyed the class and already planning on attending more!"

"Loved Gill's Sip and Fimo class! I am a complete beginner and was made to feel welcome. I had a brilliant time."

Polymer Clay art cass at The Art House in Sheffield
Polymer Clay House Number Plaques
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