Creative Hen Party


Well... we at Gill's Clay Creations never fail to innovate and provide something new and exciting for 2016 and beyond. So we are now able to offer the Bride-To-Be and her friends a wonderful  creative experience...

This special occasion can be tailored to meet your exact needs, nothing is too much trouble, after all you are 'making memories' and you want it to be perfect, just like your 'Big Day'!


Tree of Life Picture Party


For this event you and your friends will all come together for approximately 3 hours and create an amazing piece of art. Before you say it... you don't have to be artistic or have done arty things before, full instructions, help, encouragement and support will be given at all times!! The Polymer Clay picture will be based on a tree and in the tree, aswell as all the branches, leaves and flowers, your 'hens'  will make all you and your husband-to-be's favourite things, memories, objects... anything goes really!!  This picture will be then 'baked' and framed and delivered to you ready to put on the wall. 


Details and Options:

  • This would be suitable for 6 to 15 people. Just to let you know that unfortunately it is not suitable for children to attend aswell.

  • You can choose your venue... or if you prefer I can arrange somewhere. I tend to book pubs (locally in Sheffield) that have a function room (often free) and have food that you can order and obviously clay and alcohol do mix... up to a point!!! :)

  • You could even have it in your own home so long as you have a large enough table we could all sit around and then you could provide the food or people could bring food and drink to all share together. 

  •  Any time of day can be chosen, early afternoon is a popular choice and then the festivities can carry on into the evening!

  • I provide all the materials, tools, images that will be needed.

  • As this clay is very clean, no protective clothing is required, so your friends can wear their lovely outfits without worrying that they will get spoiled. 

  • The experience will be very informal, help will be offered if necessary, and folks can have something to eat or grab a coffee etc... 

  • I will arrive 30 mins before people get there to set up.

  • If there is time people could make a little something to take home with them as a reminder of their experience... maybe a key ring or a fridge magnet. I bring ovens with me so I can 'bake' the small items so they can be taken home all ready cured. 

  • Amount of time needed is 3 hours.

  • The size of the picture depends on the number of people... but as an example for 6 people the clay picture would be approx 10" x 12" and then in a larger frame. 

  • You will have a choice of a variety of frames. Images will be sent to you so that you can decide before the event.

  • Costs: £25.00 per person but the bride to be goes free!! On booking I will need a £50 non refundable deposit which can be by cheque or PayPal. The rest of the money will need to be paid a week before the party. You will receive email confirmation of your booking and a receipt when the money has been paid. 

  • Please fill in the Enquiry Form for availability or just ask for more information. 



If you have another idea of something that you would like to make, then please get in touch and we can have a chat about it.  Thanks... Gill x











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