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About me

Gill Cosford, Gill's Clay Creations

Well... what can I say? My name is Gill (obviously!) and I have been a Polymer Clay artist for about 35 years (time does fly when you're having fun!) I started working with Fimo (brand of clay) whilst I was working at a special school for young children who suffered from a visual impairement. One of the children brought the clay to school after the Christmas holidays, and we made all sorts of wonderful things... and that's how I became hooked!  Over the years I have worked alongside some amazing children and adults and had the opportunity to create some stunning pieces of art... one of which was for the Bishop of Manchester! I absolutely LOVE my job which gives me so much pleasure, joy and a real sense of satisfaction.

  1. Professionalism - This is at the centre of what I do. I always endeavour to bring a professional approach to my relationships with adults and children, to ensure that everyone is treated with restect, and that when I am teaching I will support and nurture their creative abilities. My aim is to provide you with great customer service, great quality and a great creative experience.

  2.  Integrity - I have found that people don't want false promises, they just want honest help and support with their project/commission/product, and a committment from me that I will deliver the best service that I possible can. I am always striving to improve what I do and appreciate honest feedback with my products and services.

  3. Passion - I LOVE what I do... maybe I am slightly obsessed?? Well if I am, bring it on! I am driven by a desire to design and create bespoke art that makes you love life and inspires you to make your environment a more beautiful and colourful place to be. I want some of my passion to rub off on you, so that you can then inspire others.

  4. Attention to Detail - This is not just the creative minute details i put into my creations, but also the planning and execution of workshops, birthday parties or talks. It is vital to be prepared, organised and able to think on your feet and an ability to be flexible when faced with challenges.

  5. Encouragement - It is my job to bring out your creative spark... everyone has one! It's just that some are more hidden, maybe it was quashed by an angry art teacher, or you were ridiculed by your friends or just simply that you've never had the opportunity. To help someone achieve their goals and reach their potential is my greatest joy and delight!

Gill's Clay Creations Magical Fairy Door

My Core Values

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