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Information for Schools...


What you need to know:

 This page will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about employing Gill's Clay Creations to come and work alongside your children and staff to create something beautiful, colourful, educational and lasting for your school.


First things first: 

  • I have Product and Public Liability Insurance.  The limit of indemnity is £5,000,000.

  • I have my DBS certificate 

  • I am first aid trained. 

  • I also have the following policies in place:

          Safeguarding Children

          Child Behaviour

          Fire Alarm Procedure

          Risk Assessment

          Data protection

          Accident Reporting

        This list is being added to and improved upon on a regular basis.


Project Plan


The project will be tailor made to meet the educational needs of the children, which includes full liaison with the schools Art co-ordinator and any of the class teachers that will be involved.  Any children with special needs will also be taken into consideration.



 As part of the project, photographs will be taken by me for my records and for your records if necessary.

A comments book, evaluation form for the children to fill in will be made available. I will email the staff a link to an online evaluation survey which can be filled in by the staff involved.


What to make??


When thinking about the project that you want to undertake for your school, here are a few things you may wish to take into consideration:


Location - where is the piece of artwork going to be put, who is going to see it, how large the area is, what problems can be foreseen  with the installation i.e. wall surface. When fixing the artwork in place, the caretaker sometimes needs to be present to assist with the drilling or holding of ladders.  Is the art work to be inside or outside? This clay is perfectly fine outside, although I do like to varnish the design and the wooden base to give it an added layer of protection. 


The size of the finished artwork will vary depending on the area it is to be displayed in and also its purpose. Below is a rough guide.


Memory Tiles                             Size = 5x5” per person

Nature Vases                              Depends on vase size!

Under the Sea                             Size = A1 x 4 approx

Clown Picture and Vases         Size = A1 (60x84cm) + 2 vases

School Picture                            Size = A1 x 4 approx


What is it's Purpose??


What is the reason behind having the piece of artwork in the first place, is it to brighten up an entrance hall and to make a visual statement for visitors? Do you want the project to link in with the National Curriculum in some way, or to encourage the children to think about something i.e. healthy eating? If your school has a themed week e.g. Spanish Week, then a piece of work can be tailored to that event. Children often like to take something home with them that they have made, this too can be worked into the project.


Who will be involved??


When working with a class of children I will split the class into four or five groups, either staying in the classroom or in another suitable area. Will the project involve all the children in the school, KS1 or KS2, or even one class? Maybe you have a specific group of children that you want to target, such as Gifted and Talented, or those who need encouragement with their self-esteem, or to reward a group of children that have done exceptional work or who have been involved in e.g. the School Council, voluntary work etc. 


How much time do you have available??  


The length of a workshop will always depend on the type of artwork that is to be made, for example:


Noah’s Ark in Y4 (class size 30)                                                                  = 1 day                

Memory Tiles in Y6 (class size is 30) designing already done            = 1 day    

Nature Vases in Rec. (class size 30) produces 2 or 3 vessels               = 1 day

Under the Sea with the whole school (200 pupils)                               = 8 days        

Clown Vases and picture Y5 (class size is 30)                                        = 1 day              

School Picture with Infants (90 pupils)                                                  = 3 days 


If the project has to be designed from scratch, there may be an additional charge 

depending on the complexity of the art work and its installation.  The day will be split into 4 or 5 time slots one for each group. At the beginning of the session I would appreciate some time with the whole class to explain the following:

         What we are going to be making

         The clay and the tools they will be using

         The care and safety rules



List of Projects Available


This list is designed to give you a general idea of projects that I have done, some of them numerous times, and the approximate ages that I did them with. These can all be altered to meet the needs of your particular project. 


  • 3D Penguins - Suitable for a display on Cold Places /Hot and Cold                               Y2 to Y6

  • Under The Sea - looking at the creatures/plants that live in that environment         Rec to Y6

  • Shape Mobile/Wall Hanging - Looking at shapes, textures/pattern making                Rec/Y1

  • Memory Tiles - Favourite memories of School                                                                         Y6

  • Mini Enterprise - Setting up your own business, advertising, marketing, etc             Y5/Y6

  • Where I Feel at Home - Tiles looking at self esteem, comfort, feelings                         Y3 to Y6

  • Nature Vessels - Looking at nature, flowers and mini beasts                                          1 to Y3

  • Lowry - Looking at the style of this artist, making figures/school/buildings             Y2 to Y6

  • Buildings - Making their local buildings out of clay                                                           Y2/Y3

  • 3D Galapogos Island - Looking at the habitat/animals/environment                          Y2/Y3

  • Healthy Eating Picture - what is healthy to eat or not to eat                                        All school

  • Healthy Activity Picture - looking at fitness, sports and other activities                   All school

  • Nature Picture - each class makes animals/flora and fauna/ etc                                All school

  • Mexican Bowls - mexico inspires vessels                                                                                  Y3

  • African Bowls - African inspired vessels                                                                                  Y3

  • Gaudi Mosaic - Vessels or pictures inspired by this Spanish artist                              Y1 to Y4

  • Space - Make 3D planets, rockets, 2D aliens and glow-in-the-dark stars!                      Y4

  • Carnival - Make fun fair, clowns etc                                                                                         Y3

  • Mini Beasts - Making 3D imaginary beasts using recycled bottles                                   Y2

  • Mini Beasts Picture - making a nature picture with mini beasts and bugs                     Y2

  • Bible Stories - Large pictures depicting favourite stories from the bible                    Y3 to Y6

  • Enchanted Forest - Mythical, fairies, imaginary animals                                              Y3 to Y6

  • Welcome Sign - Welcome to School or to Key Stage Area ie KS1                                  Rec to Y2

  • Potion Bottles - designing and creating vessels and pots                                                     Y3

  • Toys - Past and present                                                                                                                 Y1

  • Fairy Story Wolves - Red Riding Hood/Three Pigs (2d pictures)                                      Y2

  • Architecture 3D Buildings - Guery and Hadid                                                                        Y2 

  • Out Door Nature Plaques -                                                                                                        KS1/2 

  • The Romans                                                                                                                                     Y4

  • Staffordshire Pottery Tiles - Tile inspired welcome to (name of school) sig                Y2 to Y6

  • The Demon Dentist - Artwork inspired by the David Walliams book                                Y4

  • Mythical Beasts Pictures                                                                                                               Y3

  • Elizabethan Jewellery                                                                                                                    Y5

  • School Building and Grounds Picture with children                                                         Y2 to Y6

  • Bees, Honey comb and Flowers Project                                                                               Rec to Y6

  • Peace 'Stones' for outdoor garden                                                                                          Y2 to Y6

  • Christmas Ornaments for School Fair                                                                                   Y3 to Y6

  • Around The World in 80 Days                                                                                                    Y3

For further information on How to Employ an Artist for your School please go to this page!!


School Workshops Gallery  
Follow this link to see information about school Polymer Clay Workshops

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