Tree of Life
Lindas Favourite Things

This is my Tree of Life that I made for myself..(very indulgent!!). I made it as part of an Arts and Health course that I did at uni. It depicts all my favourite things, people and memories. I have my piano, my water-colour paint box, my daughter in her giraffe onesie!, my son is depicted as a Pokemon character, Pikachu (this is because he is a computer games designer!), my partner is my sunshine (ahh!) and his R1 super bike..

Example cost: £150.00 to £200.00 (depending on number of items)

What a great idea Alex!! Get your mum something she really wants. She loves the style of the Scottish designer Charles Rennie MacIntosh, so what better than to have a pendant and matching ear-rings made specifically for her. Alex is definitely in her good books now!

Example cost: £40.00

Present for Alex's Mum
Bab's Family

Examples of different Made To Order Items


This picture was done for her husbands 60th birthday. It included: their pet snake and hamster... Linda in her hot tub, Mercedes car, Harley motor bike, caravan, names of their children, favourite books, their cat and a love of 70's music!! Quite a collection!!

Example cost: £90.00

His mum was delighted with her Christmas gift this year... I think Babs was the favourite son!! he ordered from me this family portrait of her with her husband and two sons... as well as the Liverpool Liverbird pirched on her husbands shoulder (to remind her of her Merseyside roots!!) :)

Example cost: £50.00

Everything is considered... nothing is too hard...come on give me a challenge... I dare you!!!

For more ideas go to my Commissions Gallery page.

Richard's Munroe

This picture was made for a relative of mine who had completed walking up all the highest mountains in Scotland. 

Example cost: £50.00

Bike Clock

This clock was made for a friend of mine who owned a bike shop in Sheffield. It depicted all the logos of the bikes he has ever owned... which was quite a few!!

Example cost: £100.00

Gavin's Triumph

This picture of a Triumph was made for a friends birthday

Example cost: £35.00

Wedding Cake Figures

These bespoke Wedding Cake Toppers were made for a dear friend of mine who I used to work with. 

Example cost: £100.00

70th Birthday Cake Topper
Lynnes Cat on a Cushion
Small Wedding Cake Figures
Relaxing on the
The Trumpet Player 
The Tenor Horn Player

This cute cat was made for a friends birthday. It was about 5" tall. The price was £30.00.

This birthday cake figure was made for a retired Scottish rugby referee who was celebrating his 70th birthday. It was about 10 " tall and also had his two dogs and his favourite mixing bowl (he liked cooking!) Price is £70.00

These bespoke Wedding Cake Toppers were made for a a couple whos cake was a snowy mountain... hence the couple have skis on!!  They were 4" tall. Price was £75.00

These two musical figures were made as birthday gifts for each other. They were about 5"  tall. The price for these were £35.00 each.

This cute couple sitting on their sofa were made simply for an anniversary gift. Price was £50.00

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