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Simple Blending Technique

This blog is going to be a informative one where I will show you how to make a skinner blend. This way of blending the clay was founder by a lady called Judith Skinner...very clever invention if I might say so!! 😊 The special thing about this blend is that all the colours blend seamlessly into each other. This is one way of getting this effect.


Shape the four colour of clay into tear drop shapes...ok, maybe carrots! !


Put the clay next to each in the picture. Then with your hands gently flatten.


Put the flattened clay into the pasta machine on its thickest setting. You can do this with a rolling pin if you don't have a pasta machine. 

You can pick up one from a car boot sale, Aldi supermarket,  Argos or Ebay. They can be as little as £10.


When it comes out of the machine it looks like this. 


Fold it in half and put the folded edge into the pasta machine and roll flat again. Repeat this process roughly 10 times. 


You can see here that the colours are starting to blend. Don't worry that the shape of the piece is changing, just keep on folding and flattening. 


The colours will start to look like this. You can carry on blending until there are no hard lines at all. 

So there you have it...would look great as a sunset sky or the base of an autumn leaf pendant. 

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